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Fiesta Latina

After her first return from Puerto Rico (1994 until 1995) May Peters arranged, out of pure homesickness to the Caribbean a repertoire of salsa music for Big Band Beeg. She named this project Fiesta Latina. The special guests in this Fiesta de mambo were three wellknown friends and collegues from the international European salsa scene:

Javier Plaza (Venezuela) singer and percussion
Jorge Martínez (Cuba) piano
Gerardo Rosales (Venezuela) percussion

In 1997 these special guests were: pianist Randal Corsen (Curacao), percussionist Liber Torriente ( Cuba), singer Joaquín Ibañez (Cuba) en percussion player La Tigresa. Shortly before May was contracted as the teacher Trombone Jazz and Caribbean Music at the Conservatory of Puerto Rico in 2006, this mambo happening would be repeated in the Netherlands. Besides Javier Plaza and Jorge Martinez, this time Dutch percussionist and singer Daniel Patriasz would be participating. In november 2008 the show was presented in her homeland with Dutch amateurs and her Latin professional friends at the Kleurrijk Festival Ittervoort.

Click here to see the pictures of the rehearsals of the new Fiesta Latina program with the 'Harmony'orchestra Philomena' and the big band in preparation of the 'Vijverfeesten 2010' the Netherlands

New! Arrangements played by Big Band Tartu, during May's latinclinics in Estonia, from October 14-16, 2011: